Everyone piles on after Donald Trump appears to accidentally thank President Obama

Donald Trump ran for president at least partly because he was so sure he could do a better job than Barack Obama had been doing. Since illegitimately taking office, Trump has been on the receiving end of a consistently harsh lesson: being president is hard, and Obama was far better at it than Trump ever will be. Trump keeps growing more obsessed with Obama than ever, in his actions and words.

So it turned a lot of heads when Trump greeted good news about the stock market this morning with the words “Our Country is the envy of the World. Thank you, Mr. President!” It’s one thing to speak in the third person. It’s another to speak so confusingly in the third person, it leaves people unsure as to whether you’re even referring to yourself. In fact, considering that this is still very much the Obama economy, a lot of people just assumed – with varying degrees of sarcasm – that when Trump said “Thank you, Mr. President” he was referring to President Obama.

Pastor John Pavolvitz quipped that Donald Trump’s “thank you” to President Obama was “three years late.” Actress Angela Belcamino said what we were all thinking: “Anyone else think it’s crazy that we have a president who thanks himself?” Robert Chapman added “Finally you are seeing that President Obama was the greatest ever.”

Former West Virginia State Senator Richard Ojeda took a different tack, pointing out that the economy isn’t what it’s cracked up to be: “Let’s not forget that the only folks winning your stock market game is the top 1%. 95% of Americans don’t have any money in the stock market.” Ojeda is correct that under Donald Trump the rich have gotten richer, while everyone else has gotten nowhere.

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