Joe Biden just got some great news in Texas

As Joe Biden continues to incrementally pull even further ahead in the national polling averages with one week left, a number of traditionally red states are in play for him. One of them is Texas, believe it or not, where the polling averages now suggest the race is tied. If Biden wins Texas, he’ll be all but assured of an electoral college blowout that can’t be disputed.

Accordingly, Biden is suddenly getting some great news in Texas. For one thing, Mike Bloomberg – who is already spending big in Florida – has now decided to spend an additional $15 million in last minute money in Ohio and Texas. This comes even as NBC News has shifted Texas from lean-Republican to a “toss up” today. In other words, it really is winnable.


Kamala Harris is set to campaign in person in Texas on Friday, which means that the Biden campaign’s internal polls are saying what the public polls are saying: the state is in play. You can sign up to phone bank for the Biden campaign in Texas here.

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