“Terry is Hillary”: Donald Trump’s demented new Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory shows how far gone he is

“Terry is Hillary.” That’s more or less all you need to know about just how far gone Donald Trump is, mentally, psychologically, you name it. Trump is facing the kind of unprecedented pressure that even a stable person would struggle to cope with, and it’s causing him to go completely off the deep end. Not only is Trump singularly obsessed with ranting about Hillary Clinton, he’s spinning tales with words that don’t even go together.

Trump’s premise is that outgoing Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is Hillary Clinton. He doesn’t mean it literally; at least we don’t think he does. We don’t think he’s talking about cloning or body doubles, or suggesting that Hillary has spent the past several years running the State of Virginia while wearing a mask. But Trump is so desperate to convince himself that Hillary somehow bribed FBI Director Andrew McCabe, words are more or less failing him.

It’s not as if Trump has ever been particularly adept with words or coherency. He’s never understood the political issues he’s been trying to address, so he’s had a propensity for word salad for as long as his destructive foray into politics has existed. But at this point it’s just getting sad. It’s not just that Trump is running around trying to convince himself that Terry McAuliffe is Hillary Clinton, so he can pretend that Andrew McCabe is somehow a puppet of Hillary Clinton. It’s that he’s obsessed with this crap when he’s supposed to be fighting for his life.

Donald Trump is just a few weeks away from having to decide whether to sit for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller that will punch his eventual ticket to jail, or plead the Fifth and instantly shatter what little is left of his political viability. No wonder he’s reduced to obsessing about his former political opponent while yelling things like “Terry is Hillary.” Next he’ll claim that he’s Andre the Giant, and Robert Mueller is Sam the Eagle. Trump is that far gone.

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