Donald Trump is having a really terrible day

At least there is some good news in politics today: Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to tank as his disapproval rating has moved to 61%. Politico reported on two polls: NBC News/Wall Street Journal and Quinnipac University. We know we cannot rely fully on polls, but they do give us some guidelines. At least we do not pretend they mean nothing, as Trump’s campaign does. The Trump campaign believes the polling numbers mean little because “Trump runs stronger” if Biden is “defined.”

If you have been watching television lately, you have seen the Trump’s campaign ads that “define” Biden. One of these commercials alleges that Biden is the reason black people are in jail, and the other claims that Biden wants to defund the police. Both are ludicrous. Trump made the mistake of submitting to an interview with Chris Wallace, who is a real journalist unlike the talking heads to whom Trump typically grants interviews. As soon as the words that Biden wants to defund the police were out of Trump’s mouth, Chris Wallace said, “No, sir. He does not.” Wallace further stated that Fox never received the alleged evidence that the Biden-Sanders platform called for defunding police, “Because there is none.” One might think Trump would tire of being repeatedly embarrassed, but that seemed to be the least of his worries during the Wallace interview, as he continued to claim that Biden is senile, Fauci is wrong, and more white than black people have been killed by police. All these ridiculous claims have failed to help Trump.

As Trump’s campaign continues its quest to “define” Joe Biden, Politico correctly points out that Biden is becoming more defined, but not in the way the Trump campaign wishes. For example, Politico discussed Biden’s approval numbers. Last week’s Quinnipac poll shows Biden with a 45% favorable rating, which is up from the June rating of 42%. Similarly, the NBC News/WSJ poll resulted in a 44% approval rating for Biden, up from 37%. Biden is becoming more defined—in a positive way. At the same time, Trump’s net unfavorable ratings—61% (Quinnipac) and 54% (NBC/WSJ)—are telling. The numbers for both candidates can be linked directly to coronavirus and its unabated spread throughout the country.


Trump still claims that if we test less, we will have fewer cases, continuing to downplay the virus in the face of over 140,000 deaths. Wallace debunked that as well, telling Trump that “testing is up 37% and cases are up 194%.” AZ Central said that through Wallace, Fox News “finally gave Americans the Donald Trump interview they deserve.” Now, it is up to us to give Americans a president we deserve. Enjoy the polls, crow about them, and share them with your Trump-loving family and friends, but remember that in the end, polls are what they are. Voting is what matters. Get out and vote, and if you are able, get out the vote by helping others do their civic duty. Our well being and our sanity depend on ousting Trump.

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