MSNBC host says Donald Trump’s presidency is terminally ill

It’s all over but the tweeting. If you’ve gotten the sense in the past week that Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency is finally on the verge of coming to an end, it turns out you’re not alone. Cable news hosts are always afraid of getting ahead of the narrative, but now one MSNBC host says Trump’s presidency is in the “terminal” stage.

Donald Trump’s former pal and more recent harsh critic “Morning Joe” Scarborough asked one of his panelists, “What do we do, Gene, when it does appear that this administration is terminal?” Scarborough then added “This administration will not survive.” This is fascinating, because we finally have a cable news host saying that it’s over before the clock strikes zero.

When you’re watching a football game and one team is down by four touchdowns in the middle of the fourth quarter, you know it’s over and that team has lost. But the television commentators aren’t supposed to say that until it’s really obvious that it’s over, for fear you’ll turn the channel and go watch something else. So it’s a big deal that a political commentator on television is flat out admitting that it’s over for Trump.

So what now? Donald Trump has posted nearly a dozen tweets this morning, each more frantic than the last, including one that said “I am all alone (poor me)” – suggesting that at least on some level, Trump knows it’s over for him as well. His exit from office is coming soon; it’s just a matter of how he wants it to go.