House Democrats hand Donald Trump his ten day notice

House Democrats are moving forward full steam ahead when it comes to investigating and exposing Donald Trump’s crimes and scandals – and they’re clearly not fazed by the Trump regime’s seeming total lack of interest in following the law when it comes to these investigations. In fact they just handed Trump his ten day notice on one of the most contentious battles being fought.

The House Ways and Means Committee requested Donald Trump’s tax returns, with a deadline of this past week. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that it wasn’t going to happen by the deadline, which was a crime on his part, as the law clearly requires that they be turned over. This means a legal battle is coming which will ultimately be decided by the courts – and House Democrats just threw down the gauntlet.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal has now given the Treasury Department a hard deadline of April 23rd to turn over Donald Trump’s tax returns. It has to be done this way because, assuming Mnuchin and the gang continue to illegally refuse this request, it’ll result in a subpoena battle in court. House Democrats have to convince the judge that they tried every reasonable measure possible to resolve the matter before resorting to a subpoena.

So now we know that ten days from now, assuming Trump’s Treasury Department continues to refuse to follow the law, House Democrats will pursue this as a legal matter. As David Cay Johnston recently spelled out, Steve Mnuchin and others can end up going to jail for refusing to comply with the law on this matter. Are they willing to go that far to try to protect Trump, or will one of them cave first? We’re ten days away from getting some answers.

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