What Donald Trump is really trying to tell us tonight about the Mueller report

Donald Trump has been calling the Robert Mueller investigation a “witch hunt” and a “hoax” and occasionally a “witch hoax” for nearly two years now. As Mueller has picked off more of Trump’s underlings and come closer to completing his report, Trump has ramped up his attacks on Mueller. Today, Mueller finally filed his report, bringing his probe to completion. So what does Trump have to say about it?

As of right now, roughly six hours after the news broke that Robert Mueller had submitted his report, Donald Trump has said nothing at all. This is more than a bit odd, considering that Trump usually starts rage-tweeting whenever he thinks things are going poorly for him, and he usually starts gloat-tweeting whenever he thinks things are going well for him. So how could he possibly be silent on tonight of all nights?

If anything, Trump has become more loose lipped in the days leading up to this report. He’s attacked John McCain in offensive fashion nearly every time he’s appeared in public this week. He posted fifty tweets and retweets last weekend, most of them frantic or deranged. Trump was clearly going bonkers about the prospect of this report landing. Now it’s happened, and he’s going silent.

Does this mean Donald Trump has completely snapped now that the report has been filed? If so, why isn’t he exploding with rage on Twitter? Does this mean Trump mistakenly thinks he’s off the hook, simply because no one showed up at Mar-a-Lago with handcuffs tonight? If so, why isn’t he gloating? We’re inclined to interpret his silence as a sign that he simply has no idea what to make of the filing of this report. Maybe he’ll react in the morning. We’ll see. But his silence tonight is… unusual.