Donald Trump didn’t even tell Alamo he was coming

When Donald Trump announced over the weekend that he’d be traveling to Alamo, Texas today, we joked that he probably didn’t even know the city of Alamo was nowhere near the Alamo. Now it appears there may be some truth to the notion that Trump didn’t even know where he was going.

Geoff Bennett of NBC News is reporting that Alamo city officials had no idea Donald Trump was even coming, until they read about it the local newspaper. As of a couple hours ago, they still had no idea what Trump’s real plans were.

This points to just how non-functional the Donald Trump administration has become in its final days. Presidential trips are supposed to be carefully plotted out in advance, for the safety of everyone involved. Instead this is just total chaos. Trump clearly has no plan, no strategy, and no clue what he’s even trying to do. He’s just flailing blindly. This is yet another reason Mike Pence should invoke the 25th Amendment immediately.

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