Even more allegations emerge about Donald Trump sexually assaulting teenage girls

So many allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against Donald Trump, we’re in danger of losing track. It’s tricky to pin down why Trump’s status as a serial sexual assaulter isn’t among the biggest headlines about him, but it’s crucial that the story doesn’t get overlooked. In that regard, even more allegations have just emerged against Trump, this time involving – revoltingly – young girls.

Quite awhile back it was reported that Donald Trump liked to abuse his status as a beauty pageant boss to barge in on the young female contestants while they were getting dressed, and other similarly repulsive improprieties. According to a new book, Trump’s sexual misconduct during these beauty pageants was even worse than that. Far worse.

Donald Trump wasn’t just spying on these young female contestants while they were getting undressed, he was allegedly feeling up their breasts, kissing them on the mouth, and committing other forms of assault. Cosmopolitan has summed up some of the horror stories emerging from a new book, and the details are horrifying.

As a reminder, Donald Trump isn’t just a serial sexual assaulter who has yet to be brought to justice. He’s the President of the United States. He has a history of assaulting young girls, and now he’s the most powerful man in the world. It’s yet another reason why he must be ousted from office, and why he must be prosecuted for his crimes and put in prison.

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