Teddy Roosevelt’s descendant Ted Roosevelt V slams “loser” Donald Trump

We’re seeing people step up from all corners (except, notably, the Republican House and Senate) to condemn Donald Trump for calling U.S. military troops “losers” and “suckers.” Some truly fascinating characters are coming out of the woodwork to pile on. That includes someone with a very famous name, whose family knows plenty about service.

Ted Roosevelt V is descended from President Teddy Roosevelt, and from World War II hero Teddy Roosevelt Jr. He posted this on Twitter in response to Donald Trump’s remarks: “My great grandfather Theodore Roosevelt jr (and his brother) are buried in Normandy. Even as sons of a president, born into privilege, they understood they had an equal obligation to serve this great nation. There is a “loser” here, but it is not anyone buried in Normandy.”

Roosevelt V added this: “When I was 5, Reagan sent me a signed poster of Nancy laying flowers at Theodore Roosevelt Jr’s grave. He wrote how moved he had been in the presence of so many fallen hero’s. At 5, I did not understand why the President would do this. I now know, it is how you lead a nation.”

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