Ted Lieu teaches Donald Trump a lesson

Donald Trump did today what he always does once he realizes he’s lost: he began to cave. No, he didn’t declare bankruptcy, like he always does when he fails in business, which is often. Instead, this time around he’s failing in politics, partly because he’s the world’s most incompetent negotiator.

Today saw Donald Trump floating a new DACA-for-wall proposal which went nowhere. DACA is already protected by the courts, and the Democrats aren’t stupid enough to fall for the fact that Trump isn’t actually offering anything. But his racist base quickly soured on the fact that he had made the offer at all, particularly as the proposed $5 billion is only enough to pay for a small fraction of the mythical wall.

This led white supremacist Republican Congressman Steve King to lash out at Donald Trump on Twitter, yelling “NO AMNESTY!” This gave Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu an opportunity to explain to Trump how negotiations actually work: “Dear POTUS: The fact that white supremacists don’t support your proposal doesn’t mean Dems will. Why are we even talking about DACA, which is a status issue, in a shutdown based on your failure to sign funding bills? Reopen government & then we can resolve the issues.”

We’re not sure what Donald Trump will do next. But each time he steps to the microphone with regard to his disastrous government shutdown and imaginary border wall, he tepidly makes his negotiations situation even worse for himself. The next time around perhaps he’ll figure out how to turn even more people against him.