Ted Lieu slam dunks Devin Nunes

Yesterday we brought you the unbelievable (yet not entirely shocking) story of how Congressman Devin Nunes got caught secretly running a phony political news site, which he used to promote his own phony Trump-Russia memo, while taking cheap shots at his Democratic counterparts in the House. One of Nunes’ targets: Congressman Ted Lieu. Now Lieu is firing back, and let’s just say he’s not pulling any punches.

Even as Nunes has tried to deflect from his fake news scandal by attacking the New York Times, Ted Lieu decided to sarcastically pick Nunes apart. Lieu tweeted “This is pretty funny. Rep Devin Nunes is now PAYING for a fake “alternative news” site to…attack folks like me. Hey Devin, feel free to call me names because I’m cool like that. But at least I actually read underlying documents before writing memos based on those documents.”

Lieu has also been actively pushing back against the Trump White House’s attempted coverup of the Rob Porter domestic violence scandal, as that coverup keeps falling apart. Lieu is calling for the resignation of Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly, who led the absurd coverup. Lieu is using the Rob Porter scandal, and Porter’s inability to get a permanent security clearance, to put additional focus on Jared Kushner’s similar problem.

Ted Lieu tweeted “It’s #SundayMorning. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance? Also, can someone explain to me if Rob Porter’s interim security clearance expired, why wouldn’t Kushner’s interim security clearance have expired as well?” He then added “Jared Kushner is a VIP as the son-in-law of POTUS. If he can’t get a security clearance it’s not because FBI lacks resources. Only 4 explanations: Kushner cannot be trusted. Kushner is susceptible to blackmail. Kushner has loyalties to a foreign power. Or all of the above.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report