Congressman Ted Lieu piles on after Jared Kushner’s security clearance is revoked

Jared Kushner’s career in the White House bit the dust yesterday when his father-in-law Donald Trump sat back and did nothing while Chief of Staff John Kelly revoked Kushner’s provisional security clearance. Kushner now has no remaining job duties, and he might soon resign as a result. For the past several months, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu has been leading the charge in trying to get Kushner’s security clearance revoked.

But Ted Lieu didn’t merely gloat at the fact that he had finally achieved victory over his nemesis Kushner. Instead, Lieu piled on. He tweeted “Now we get to ask a new question: Why does Jared Kushner still have a downgraded security clearance. Also, why hasn’t Kushner responded to this simple question from Congress Members: Did he have any talks with Saudi foreign nationals about the troubled loan for 666 Fifth Ave?” Then he quoted a new Washington Post article detailing how world leaders view Kushner as compromised, and added “Jared Kushner should be fired. He should be nowhere near the White House, even with a downgraded security clearance.”

Ted Lieu wasn’t finished going after Trump’s family. Ivanka Trump told a reporter that it was “inappropriate” to ask her about her father’s sexual assault scandals. Lieu responded to this by tweeting “Let’s reword the questions to Ivanka: Cohen paid $130k to silence Stormy Daniels. Was there coordination with Trump campaign? National Enquirer paid $150k to silence Karen McDougal. Was there coordination with Trump campaign?” Then he added “Can you forward to Ivanka Trump? She blocked me.”

That’s right, Ivanka Trump has blocked Congressman Ted Lieu on Twitter. The Trumps appear to have a rather strange understanding of how social media works, and the mistaken belief that blocking someone makes them no longer exist. For instance, Donald Trump Jr has had Palmer Report blocked on Twitter last year. He seems to have no idea that we can still see his tweets.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report