Congressman Ted Lieu drops the hammer on Ivanka Trump

Last night we brought you the story of how Robert Mueller is officially targeting Ivanka Trump in the Trump-Russia scandal, particularly in relation to her role in the Trump Tower Moscow plot with the Russians during the 2016 election. We weren’t the only ones who thought the news was important, as Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu also had something to say about it.

Here’s what Ted Lieu had to say about the matter on Twitter last night: “Let me ask White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump about Trump Tower Moscow. Oh wait, she blocked me, a Member of Congress, because my questions bother her. Let me correct that. She blocked me, a Member of Congress who will be in the majority, because my questions bother her.”

Ted Lieu is a former Air Force JAG prosecutor with a law degree who, naturally, sits on the House Judiciary Committee. That committee’s ability to properly investigate the Trump-Russia scandal was hamstrung for the past two years because it was under Republican control. But in a little under five weeks, the Democrats will take control. By rule, this is the committee where the impeachment process begins, meaning Lieu will get to have a role in initially shaping it.

The House Judiciary Committee can probably also find a good reason to subpoena Ivanka Trump to testify about her role in various scandals. This means that Ted Lieu might get to ask Ivanka, in public hearings, in front of the cameras, why she thought it was appropriate to block him on Twitter. Then again, for all we know, Ivanka could be indicted by then.

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