Ted Lieu drops the hammer on Mike Pompeo

Donald Trump’s former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is very lucky he’s not in prison for his role in the Trump-Ukraine criminal scandal – and for all we know, that could still end up happening. But Pompeo is still trying to play the victim, and let’s just say that it’s not going over well.

Mike Pompeo posted this whiny tweet: “We’ve been called all kinds of names. They try to cancel us. The New York Times even called me the ‘worst Secretary of State in history.’ I wear it as a badge of honor. I will never stop speaking the truth and fighting to defend our freedoms. Neither should you.”

Of course Pompeo was named the worst in history because he was the worst in history. He’s also no longer on the job. Congressman Ted Lieu hit back at Pompeo accordingly: “Dear Ex Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: The American people didn’t just try, they in fact cancelled you when they fired the Administration in which you worked. On House Foreign Affairs Committee, we found you lied; covered up misconduct; & corruptly used taxpayer funds to benefit you & your wife.”


Mike Pompeo had no comeback for Ted Lieu. But Pompeo did later tweet – and we’re not making this up – that he was “looking forward to the inaugural Nixon Seminar tomorrow!” Apparently that’s a real thing now. But Mike Pompeo will always have been a fake Secretary of State.

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