Ted Lieu drops the hammer on Bill Barr

Palmer Report is fond of pointing out that despite Bill Barr’s reputation as an evil genius who can “fix” anything for Donald Trump, he actually has a pretty ineffective record as a henchman. Barr has tried and failed to carry out Trump’s bidding when it’s come to Flynn, Bannon, Cohen, Stone, Lev and Igor, you name it.

In reality, Bill Barr needs to be more worried about the fact that his string of felony obstruction of justice crimes could catch up to him. This week we were reminded that Barr is trying (and seemingly failing) to pressure U.S. Attorney John Durham’s office into issuing a pre-election “report” detailing imaginary crimes that Trump’s adversaries have committed.

Congressman Ted Lieu, a former prosecutor, tweeted this: “18 USC § 595 makes it a crime to use “official authority for the purpose of interfering with, or affecting” federal elections. Will AG Bill Barr at @TheJusticeDept investigate himself? No. But the next Attorney General can.”

That’s right, it’s another reminder that if Donald Trump loses the election, he’s not the only one going to prison. Plenty of people around Trump, such as Bill Barr, will find themselves facing felony charges as well. Barr’s weak track record suggests that he’s not going to be able to just magically rig the 2020 election for Trump.

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