Ted Cruz just got destroyed

It’s always a bad day to be Ted Cruz. But he had a particularly bad night on Saturday, when his latest asinine antics took place across multiple segments on Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t yet watched SNL and you don’t want it to be spoiled, stop reading now.

Ted Cruz was portrayed brilliantly in the opening sketch by Aidy Bryant, showing up with braided hair fresh off the infamous Cancun trip. Cruz found himself lectured by Britney Spears of all people, before finally admitting that he’s “pretty bad at human stuff.”

Cruz also got destroyed during the Weekend Update segment, which pointed out that if you hate Ted Cruz then you’re having fun this week, and if you like Ted Cruz then you are Ted Cruz.

The real upshot here is that Ted Cruz has managed to put himself front and center as a national punchline, in a way that goes beyond partisan politics. His Cancun scandal is something that the average nonpartisan American can easily identify as something that only a terrible political figure would do. At this point Cruz can only wait and hope that some Republican takes the heat off him by doing something even more embarrassing. Of course Cruz likely isn’t done topping himself in the embarrassment department.

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