Ted Cruz just flip flopped and caved like the pathetic spineless loser that he is

Ted Cruz is an idiot who has no understanding of the human race, but even he understands which way the political winds are blowing. That’s why he decided to mark the one year anniversary of the January 6th attack by admitting that it was indeed a “terrorist” attack on the part of Trump’s goons. Unfortunately for Cruz, when Trump’s biggest remaining apologists pushed back against him, Cruz caved like the coward that he is.

In a stunningly spineless yet not necessarily surprising development, after Tucker Carlson began berating Ted Cruz to his face for having dared the speak the truth about January 6th, Ted Cruz quickly flip flopped and caved:


And so even after Ted Cruz briefly had the sense to try to get on the smart side of the January 6th narrative before the committee begins laying out just how screwed everyone is who was on the wrong side of it, Cruz’s trademark cowardice has caused him to somehow end up playing both sides and losing both sides. Right now Ted Cruz is probably looking for cheap one-way flights to Cancun. There’s no career for him to come back to.

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