Ted Cruz is right for once

Ted Cruz is one of those people who manages to find a way to be wrong about everything. It’s not just that his political views are extreme and deranged; it’s that he gets even the basics wrong. This is a guy who doesn’t know what a basketball hoop is called. I’ve never been entirely sure he’s from this planet. But shockingly, he just said something absolutely correct – and we need to pay attention to it.

The polling averages say that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are currently tied in the traditionally red state of Texas. How accurate are these polls? We have no way of knowing for sure. Here’s the thing, though. While Biden doesn’t need to win Texas in order to win the election, Trump absolutely must win Texas or he’ll all but automatically lose the election.


Here’s what Ted Cruz just said at the Texas Republican convention: “If the Democrats win Texas, it’s all over.” He’s right for once. Texas is worth fighting for, because it could single handedly hand the election to Joe Biden. In fact it’s difficult to imagine the Republicans winning any national election any time soon if Texas turns blue.

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