Ted Cruz goes on Sean Hannity show and makes it even worse for himself

Ted Cruz tries to pretend he’s some kind of down to earth anti-government everyman, but in reality he’s the kind of tone deaf wealthy elitist who vacations at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun during a crisis and has a poodle named Snowflake that he can’t be bothered to take with him.

Ted Cruz left yesterday with a giant suitcase which gave away that he was planning to spend several nights in Cancun. He flew home today with a tiny suitcase, perhaps stolen from one of his kids, in the hope of selling the lie that he was only ever planning to stay one night.

After he got home with whoever’s tiny suitcase he stole, Ted Cruz decided that his first order of business was to go on talk shows like Sean Hannity and try to lie and insult his way out of the situation. If he were smart, he’d simply lie low and hope it all blows over. Going on TV right now only makes it worse for him. We can only hope, in all seriousness, that Ted Cruz at least took a moment to feed the dog.

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