Ted Cruz goes berserk after getting fact checked

It’s a fact that Ted Cruz lies constantly; the only question is whether his lies are part of a deranged strategy, or if he just can’t help himself, or if he lives in an altered mental state where he honestly believes his lies are true.

In any case, Cruz recently claimed that the Democrats are looking to “rig” the Supreme Court nomination process, and that the Republicans didn’t do any such thing when they were in charge. Respected fact checking site PolitiFact slapped a big “FALSE” rating on that.

Let’s just say that Cruz isn’t taking the news well. He responded with a berserk tweet, insisting that “Lying liars lie & that’s what Politi’fact’ does every day.” Oh come on Ted, all you do is lie. You lie so much that even the Former Guy, who is from your own party, liked to call you Lying Ted. Get a grip, Lying Ted.

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