Donald Trump just totally botched the Team USA women’s soccer victory

Donald Trump has kids locked in concentration camps, and his friend Jeffrey Epstein was just arrested for sex trafficking, so it’s quite a comparatively minor offense that he also botched things when the USA women’s soccer team won the World Cup championship today. But sure enough, Trump managed to botch it.

Team USA won the World Cup at roughly 1pm eastern time today. Within minutes, numerous American politicians from both parties were tweeting their congratulations. But two hours later, Donald Trump – a guy who’s on Twitter more than probably any other major American politician – still hadn’t said a word. Instead he began tweeting out congratulations to himself because the stock market had a good week.

That’s when Palmer Report and others began calling out Trump for failing to acknowledge Team USA’s victory. Sure enough, after having missed the boat by two hours, Trump finally posted a congratulatory tweet precisely five minutes after we chided him for it. Sorry, too late. Trump botched this something fierce, for a couple reasons.

First, even if Trump wants to make the argument that he was too busy doing presidential things (which he wasn’t), he has a White House social media team – and we’ve long seen evidence that they post plenty of procedural tweets to his account. Everyone knew that Team USA had a good chance of winning a championship today; it’s not as if this came out of nowhere as a surprise. Trump could easily have prearranged a congratulatory tweet for one of his people to post if they did.


But he didn’t. The worst part is that we don’t know if Donald Trump spent two hours snubbing the USA women’s soccer team out of mere incompetence, or because the team’s stars openly dislike him. In other words, is Trump simply not up to the basics of the job, or did he refuse to carry out a basic task of the job out of personal spite, or both? We all know it’s probably both.

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