Donald Trump’s new tax scam is even uglier than his last one

One question that I have always wondered: Why do so many people vote against their own interests? Sadly, there are some who voted for Donald Trump because they were attracted to his racist dog-whistling and calls for a border wall. However, that does not account for all of them. I have always said that the only reason to vote Republican is if you are a multi-millionaire who lacks any empathy. Yet we see that Trump’s base is mostly made up of lower and middle class individuals.

As Palmer Report has documented, economic policies instituted by Trump’s administration are already hurting the economy. The GOP Tax Scam bill is a windfall for the already wealthy, giving 83% of gains to the top 1%, while actually raising taxes on the middle class over the next decade. It also eliminated the ACA individual mandate, with the Congressional Budget Office predicting that as many as thirteen million Americans could lose health insurance.

With fewer than one hundred days until the midterm elections, one would think Republicans would want voters to forget their latest reverse-welfare, taking from the poor to give to the rich. Instead, it appears that Trump is doubling down and going ahead with another tax cut. This one would bypass any Congressional vote and benefit the wealthy exclusively, without even any crumbs for the middle class.

As if Trump was not already punishing working families and future generations enough, this new tax bill would further increase the deficit by giving tax breaks to wealthy investors. After screaming for years that Obama was unilaterally making laws that actually benefitted average people, it seems Trump’s only concern was that it didn’t solely benefit the ultra-rich. We can only hope that this incessant greed will increase the extent of the coming blue wave so we can put people in Congress that will rid us of these kleptocrats and fix all of the damage they have caused.

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