Michael Cohen’s tapes blow the lid off Donald Trump inauguration bribery scandal

When federal prosecutors at the SDNY formally accused Donald Trump of multiple felonies this week in relation to Michael Cohen, some observers asked how they could be confident that a proven liar like Cohen was telling them the truth. Legal experts have explained that the SDNY wouldn’t have done so, unless they had hard evidence to prove it. Sure enough, one of Cohen’s tape recordings has blown the lid off yet another Trump scandal.

Since last year, Palmer Report and others have been sounding the alarm about the fundraising for Donald Trump’s inauguration. He took in an exorbitant amount of donations, then listed most of them as having come from fake people and fake addresses in the disclosure forms. Most of the money clearly wasn’t spent on the poorly attended and low-key inauguration festivities. That meant the money went somewhere improper. It turns out Michael Cohen was involved in the plotting, and sure enough, he had tapes.

The SDNY is investigating the inauguration money trail, including the”donations” that were actually illegal bribes from people buying influence, and where that money ended up going, according to the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly, Cohen inadvertently exposed the whole thing when he tape recorded a conversation he was having with an inauguration planner who “expressed concern” to Cohen about why the money didn’t seem to add up.

It’s becoming more apparent that Robert Mueller, the SDNY, and their prosecutorial allies are now incrementally exposing Donald Trump’s crimes by the day, so that the public has time to digest the severity of each new revelation. By the time they start dropping the Russia and obstruction bombs in days or weeks, there will be overwhelming public pressure for Trump’s ouster and imprisonment, leaving Trump with no leverage to do anything but cut a resignation plea deal.