Donald Trump’s Taliban scandal just took an even uglier turn

Last night, Donald Trump admitted that he had secretly invited Taliban leaders to Camp David during the upcoming week of the 9/11 anniversary – and that in response, the Taliban attacked the U.S. military, killing a U.S. soldier in the process. If this is the version of events that the ever-dishonest Trump is admitting to, how much uglier must the real story be? In any case, the whole thing just got uglier.

Donald Trump should have known that when he showed weakness by inviting terrorist leaders to the presidential vacation home, they would take it as a sign of weakness on Trump’s part, and attack the U.S. accordingly. The whole thing serves to demonstrate just how deeply this two-bit con artist is in over his head. But now it’s gotten worse, because the Taliban says it’s about to kill even more Americans in retaliation for Trump’s snub.

We’re inclined to believe the Taliban roughly as much as we’re inclined to believe Donald Trump (which is to say not at all). But seeing as how the Taliban has already attacked the U.S. military once this week in response to Trump’s cowering weakness, we unfortunately won’t be surprised if they do it again.

Some observers are suggesting that Donald Trump may have picked this fight with the Taliban on purpose, in the hope that the resulting terrorist attacks would somehow magically get him reelected. If that is his strategy here, it’s one of the dumbest of all time, as everyone knows that whatever happens next is entirely Trump’s fault. Trump’s psychotic and treasonous Taliban stunt may have a better chance of leading to his ouster from office than any scandal he’s had to date.

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