Donald Trump is taking a lot of people down with him

Why are once-credible people willing to allow their reputations go down the drain with Donald Trump? As a native New Yorker, “Uncle Rudy” Giuliani with the now famous Crazy Eyes, was the man who once cleaned up Times Square. He turned it from a peep show paradise to a place where families could walk together late into the night and feel reasonably safe. Now, crazy uncle Rudy is a part of Trump’s legal team, and just like Trump, says whatever he wants, whenever he wants to justify whatever point he is trying to make. He’s not the only one.

Alan Dershowitz has been defending Trump for months now, even while denying that he’s defending Trump, has felt the wrath of the Martha’s Vineyard Trump haters. No one wants to socialize with him anymore. He’s yet another once-respected public figure who’s allowing his reputation to be attached to a very unpopular man.

Another phenomenon is on the local state level, where we are seeing local politicians attempting to “out-Trump” Trump. There is popularity for Trump, but it is clearly isolated within his own thinking party. What happens, one happy day from now, when Trump is just a nasty blip on the radar of history? Will the transformative effect that Trump has had over the Republican Party lead to an “out-Trumping” of Trump on the national level? Will this further bring out all the slime that has been hiding under the rocks, but now feels safe to emerge under this racist president?

The Republican Party is now the party of Trump. It is reasonable to fear for the future if we don’t start to see some bravery in the Senate. By aligning with the “president” of today, Republicans are re-casting the party in Trump’s image for any foreseeable future. We can most likely take comfort in the fact that the pendulum will swing left again. As many of us continue to ask what the hell is going on, it is quite likely that those who make the same choice as Uncle Rudy or Uncle Alan are forever limiting their audience to a very small percentage of the electorate. People will not forgive or forget this easily.

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