Here’s what’s going to take the Republican Party down

Republicans’ unmovable stance and support of the NRA is coming home to roost. This latest mass shooting has awakened young people to exercise their civil rights and demand a cultural change. These kids, are a new generation of a single issue voters and will never support political candidates who are beholden to the NRA.

For now, their strength and endurance are being questioned by many, suggesting fatigue setting in a few days, and of course things will move on but, the depth of these kids personal experience and trepidations for the future are what’s driving the movement. Absurd attempts of the Right to suggest we should arm teachers are being called out by these young people for what they, BS and I feel a sense of purpose in many of those who are speaking up to give voice for those friends who were murdered.

Images of the civil rights movement and anti Vietnam war struggles flood one’s mind and a sense of pride sets in with hope that this is a new Great Generation, for it is always the young that lead the world out of the darkness. An unprecedented town hall took place in Florida today, where Senators Rubio and Nelson were not only questioned by an upset audience but loud voices were raised whenever the Citizens sensed they were being patronized and at one point Senator Rubio was challenged to pledge not to take money from the NRA.

Rubio was visibly taken aback, remaining silent amidst applause and boos, and one could not but notice that the paradigm on this gun control issue has shifted drastically. A new era has dawned.

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