Donald Trump’s Syria stunt just turned into an even worse nightmare for the United States

Donald Trump has reached the point where he’s no longer even trying to make moves that might hurt his presidency, because it’s over anyway. Instead he’s actively making moves which hurt him but also hurt the United States, in an apparent effort at creating the kind of nightmare scenario that’ll motivate the rest of the government to give him a favorable resignation plea deal just to get him out the door sooner. But it turns out there’s also another factor at play.

Everything Donald Trump does ends up benefiting Russia in the end, because whatever Vladimir Putin has on him, he fears it coming out more than he fears being ousted from office and sent to prison. For the past few days, the question has been if and how Trump’s sudden pullout from northern Syria might end up benefiting Russia. Sure enough, it’s now becoming clear.

The Kurds – who have long been a crucial United States ally in the region – are now so desperate to stay alive, they’re looking to cut a deal with Russia to protect them from Turkey’s military onslaught. This is according to CNN and other major news outlets. So now we have our answer.

It’s not just that Donald Trump is having the Kurds murdered as part of his sick twisted endgame. It’s that Trump is driving the surviving Kurds straight into the arms of Vladimir Putin, which will allow Russia to ultimately take control of Syria once this is all over. Trump is both a mass murderer and a traitor. The end of his fake presidency, and the start of his time behind bars, can’t come soon enough.

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