The walls are caving in on Susan Collins

When Susan Collins decided to cast her lot with Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, she married her own political fate to Trump’s popularity. That was a dumb bet at the time, considering Trump has been unpopular for the entire time he’s been in office. Now that Trump is circling the drain, Collins is in huge trouble.

The two latest polls in the U.S. Senate race in Maine have Democratic candidate Sara Gideon ahead by four points (PPP) and five points (Colby College). It would be bad news for a high profile incumbent like Susan Collins if she were running neck and neck at this stage of the race. It’s devastating for Collins that she’s solidly behind in the race. It gets worse.

The Lincoln Project has made good on its promise to target Trump-loyal Republican Senators, and that includes this ad against Susan Collins (if the ad below won’t load on your device, you can watch it here instead):


With this kind of television ad targeting, Susan Collins could see her poll numbers drop even further. You can donate to Sara Gideon’s campaign here.

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