Total chaos as Susan Collins joins Mitt Romney in throwing Donald Trump under the bus

Republican Senator Susan Collins is one of the most despised people in all of politics, thanks to her corrupt and inexcusable vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Collins is facing an extraordinarily difficult uphill battle for reelection 2020, but now she appears to be trying to seize on a potential opening for bailing herself out: she’s attacking Donald Trump.

We just got finished seeing Mitt Romney call Donald Trump’s international extortion scandal “appalling,” and of course Trump responded by cursing at Romney, and demanding that Romney be impeached from the Senate (good luck with that one). Trump was clearly trying to send a message to other Republican Senators that they’d better not come out against him, or he’ll attack them too. But it appears to quickly be having the opposite effect.

Susan Collins has told the Bangor Daily News, a newspaper in her home state of Maine, that Donald Trump’s attempt at conspiring with China is “completely inappropriate.” Collins is a liar, a coward, and a flip flopper, so we award her no points for doing this. But it’s nonetheless a big deal, because Collins is now selfishly betting that her own adds of reelection are better if she kicks Trump while he’s down.

We’ll see where this goes from here. Now that Donald Trump’s histrionic attacks on Mitt Romney haven’t stopped Susan Collins from coming out against him, will Trump now attack Collins as well? Either way, it appears the door is opening for Senate Republicans to keep selfishly throwing Trump under the bus. If this becomes a trend, Trump can’t survive this.

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