Susan Collins just got hit with some terrible news

When Susan Collins emphatically voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, she was betting that three things would happen. First, she was hoping people would forget. Second, she was hoping that the resulting PAC money given to her by Mitch McConnell would allow her to buy her way back into popularity. Third, she was hoping that Donald Trump wouldn’t become so unpopular as to drag her numbers down.

As things currently stand, Susan Collins is on her way to losing all three of those bets. The latest Quinnipiac poll says she’s now a whopping twelve points behind Democratic candidate Sara Gideon in the U.S. Senate election in Maine. This is by far the largest lead that Gideon has had to date, and we’ll have to wait to see if other new polls end up confirming it. But the consistent trend in the Maine race is that Collins continues to gradually fall further behind. She’s in huge trouble.


Interestingly, this same new Quinnipiac poll now says that the U.S. Senate race in South Carolina is tied. Polling in the state has been surprisingly sparse, given the national attention the race has received. But at this stage of the race, a well known incumbent like Lindsey Graham should be at least a few points ahead based on name recognition alone. The fact that the race is apparently tied is good news for Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison.

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