The real reason Donald Trump has survived in office this long

We’ve seen the same cycle on repeat for the past two years. Donald Trump tries an idiotic stunt aimed at fending off his worsening criminal scandals. The stunt has zero effectiveness, and only serves to make him look even stupider. He only survives because the complicit Republican Party once again invokes its majority in the House and Senate to protect him at all costs. Then the media marvels at how Trump’s idiotic stunt has somehow saved him. Enough.

The media has worked so hard to convince the public that Donald Trump’s simplistic swings-and-misses are actually secretly brilliant moves, even a number of members of the Resistance have come to accept it as fact. But the facts tell a very different story. Trump’s biggest gambits for fending off his scandals have consisted of things like firing James Comey, which merely resulted in Robert Mueller taking over in more powerful fashion, and releasing the Nunes memo, which had literally zero impact on anything.

If the Democrats had control of the House or the Senate during Trump’s first two years, he wouldn’t have lasted those two years. There would have been legitimate congressional investigations into every one of his scandals, all of them on live national television. Everything in Trump’s life would have been subpoenaed, including his tax returns, and it would have all been aired out publicly a long time ago. Trump would be out of office by now, and likely on criminal trial by now.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had to do things the hard, slow, quiet way, in court and behind the scenes, because he’s been all alone in his battle against Donald Trump. That all changes now, because unlike Mueller, the House Democrats can simply make everything public, and blast it out to the media on an all day, every day basis. The GOP’s total control has been the only reason Trump has survived this long. Now he’s lost his safety net, and his fall is about to come swift and hard. In the meantime, let’s stop trying to decipher why his stunts have worked, because none of them have actually worked.