Rudy Giuliani surrenders

Whatever all that was back there, it’s over. Rudy Giuliani’s plan to travel to Ukraine and manufacture a phony scandal about Joe Biden has spent all day blowing up in Rudy’s face – to the point that there was open talk of launching a congressional inquiry into Rudy’s antics. Now, at the end of a ridiculous day, Giuliani is surrendering.

No, Rudy Giuliani isn’t surrendering to the authorities for arrest and trial on charges of conspiring against the United States; that’ll have to come sometime down the road. Instead, Rudy is surrendering by canceling his Ukraine trip. He made the announcement tonight while appearing on Fox News, while incoherently blaming the whole thing on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama among others. So now what?

In the short term, this is obviously a failure for Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. They were hoping that if they conspired with a foreign power against the United States to manufacture a phony scandal about Joe Biden, the media would opportunistically play up the phony Biden scandal for ratings. Instead, aside from the usual Fox News circles, the mainstream media showed little interest in the nonsense about Biden, and instead correctly identified Rudy’s scheming with a foreign entity as the real scandal.

This surely won’t be the last time that Donald Trump and his illegitimate regime attempt to conspire with a foreign power in the name of rigging the 2020 election. It’s how Trump got into office to begin with, and he’s currently so far behind in the polls, he stands little chance in 2020 unless he can find a new way to cheat. But on this front at least, it appears Trump and Rudy Giuliani have failed completely. The House Foreign Relations Committee should nonetheless subpoena Rudy and force him to explain his antics or face being held in contempt of Congress.

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