Robert Mueller set for New Years showdown in Supreme Court

It’s January 1st, which means we’ve entered a new year, and we’re about to enter a new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. It also apparently means, based on his particularly bizarre Twitter explosion this morning, that Donald Trump is in the midst of some kind of bad acid trip. Last but not least, it means the Trump-Russia scandal and investigation are now officially on the Supreme Court clock.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts set a deadline of yesterday for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the foreign government-owned company fighting a Mueller subpoena, to post their filings on the matter. Now that the deadline has passed, and the high court officially has everything in hand, the nine Justices will quickly decide whether to take up the case. If so, we’re set for an unprecedented New Years Supreme Court showdown.

Best anyone can tell, if the Supreme Court does take this case, it’ll hear the entire thing behind closed doors. This is stunningly rare. We don’t believe the Supreme Court, or for that matter the lower courts who have already ruled in Mueller’s favor in this case, would make this kind of exception for the foreign-government owned country, which is already thumbing its nose at the legal system to the point that it’s been held in contempt.

Instead, we believe it’s Mueller who has asked for this level of secrecy, because for some strategic reason, he doesn’t want the identity of the mystery company becoming public. Perhaps he doesn’t want Donald Trump to know who it is, so he can’t try to unduly influence the company if and when Mueller wins, and the company is ordered to turn over the incriminating evidence once and for all.

Keep in mind that Robert Mueller has already won nearly every court ruling thus far in the Trump-Russia scandal, and he’s already defeated this mystery company at the district court and appeals court level. If the Supreme Court decides this week not to take up the case, it’ll mean instant victory for Mueller, as the company will have nowhere else left to appeal the ruling.