Looks like Donald Trump’s election night party may have been a super spreader event

When the news broke tonight that Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff has coronavirus, it raised questions about whether it meant that the White House outbreak that started a month ago was still underway. Now we’re starting to get some answers – and they’re ugly.

ABC News is now confirming that Meadows is one of six people in Donald Trump’s immediate political orbit who currently have coronavirus – meaning the White House outbreak is definitely still happening. CNN is confirming that Meadows was at Trump’s election night party at the White House, and that he wasn’t wearing a mask. Given the way the virus is spreading among Trump staffers, it seems likely that Meadows either caught the virus while at the party, or infected the others while at the party, which is starting to look like another super spreader event.

In any case it’s doubtful that the outbreak will end up being limited to just six people in Donald Trump’s immediate orbit. So at a time when Trump has lost the election and is begging his remaining advisers to stick around and go down with the ship while he insists he somehow didn’t actually lose, he’s now facing a severe coronavirus outbreak among his staff.

How many of Trump’s remaining White House staff will be too sick to help him at this point? How many will resign in order to avoid getting sick while working on a sinking ship? As with all things Trump, this is going to get ugly.

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