Donald Trump trashes disabled veterans, says U.S. soldiers who die at war are “suckers” and “losers”

This week a new poll suggested that Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden by six points among active duty service members, a startling number considering how heavily Republican the military tends to vote, and a reminder of just how much Trump has done to denigrate and alienate the military. Now it turns out it’s even uglier than anyone knew.

Back in 2018, Donald Trump privately told his advisers that he didn’t want to visit a World War I cemetery because it was “filled with losers” who were “suckers” for getting killed at war. That’s right, the sitting President of the United States referred to Americans who died in World War I as suckers and losers. Nevermind that they gave their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

This is according to a shocking and appalling new expose from the Atlantic, which also reveals that Trump has sought to keep wounded veterans out of military parades. This one of the most disturbing stories about Donald Trump to surface yet. It’s repulsive beyond words. It’s traitorous. And it’s disqualifying. Vote this psychotic monster out of office with all your might.

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