Robert Mueller’s mystery company court battle has suddenly become like something out of Night of the Living Dead

There’s a good chance we’ll find out today the identity of the long-secret foreign government owned company that has spent months fighting a Robert Mueller subpoena in U.S. federal court. That is, if anyone from the prosecution even shows up for today’s court hearing, because at this point it’s not even clear who has jurisdiction over the now-zombified case.

The thing is, there no longer is any Mueller investigation. There’s no semblance of a Mueller team. Best anyone can tell, Robert Mueller himself is still technically employed as Special Counsel for a bit longer. But as of last night, the mystery subpoena battle – and the unknown underlying investigation that it’s a part of – haven’t yet been reassigned to permanent federal prosecutors. To that end, why would it even matter at this point? After all, Mueller can’t include the information in his report, which has already been turned in and is still being suppressed. It gets stranger.

While Rachel Maddow was reporting this story last night, she cited court documents which reveal that the mystery company itself has no problem with its identity becoming public, and that it was Mueller all along who was keeping the company’s name private. Was Mueller trying to prevent Donald Trump from piecing together what it was that Mueller was investigating, for fear Trump would take drastic action? Did Trump find out, and is that why he had Barr abruptly shut down the entire Mueller investigation midstream?

We may get a big piece of the puzzle today, if the judge goes ahead and reveals the company’s identity. This seems a likely outcome, since the company isn’t fighting it, and the ghost of the Mueller team doesn’t have any real reason to keep it a secret. At this point the subpoena fight is a zombie battle anyway. If nothing else, the name of the company – and its relationship to Donald Trump – may help us understand how the Mueller probe suddenly became Night of the Living Dead this past weekend.

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