Subpoenas go flying in suit against Donald Trump

Even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller moves toward his endgame in the federal investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, and House Democrats prepare to investigate all of Trump’s various scandals, there are still multiple state-level investigations playing out into Trump’s crimes as well. One of those state-level probes just got cranked up to eleven.

Now that a judge has ruled that the Attorney General of Maryland and the Attorney General of Washington DC could move forward with their Emoluments case, they’ve gone ahead and sent out a truckload of subpoenas accordingly. In fact a lengthy documentation of the subpoenas has been posted to the court’s website. So where does this get us?

The Emoluments case is a civil suit, not a criminal trial. However, the point of the suit is to force the people around Donald Trump to testify under oath about the matter. If they tell the truth, they could end up exposing criminal actions within the Trump family and/or Trump Organization, which could then lead to criminal prosecutions.

Interestingly, the subpoenas have gone out to not only business entities that are caught up in the Emoluments case, but also to various officials in the Treasury Department and the General Services Administration. Not all of these people are willing to take the fall for Donald Trump, so look for a significant amount of cooperation – and that’s not good news for Trump.

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