Donald Trump is even stupider, and more out of control, than we thought

Every time we get the first shards of a new Donald Trump scandal, and we’re tempted to assume the worst, the rest of the story eventually shows up and it turns out to be even worse than we could have imagined. Last night we learned that Trump tried and failed to get FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired. Now we’re learning why Trump wanted McCabe gone, and the first conversation that took place between the two of them.

After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in a clear cut case of obstruction of justice, McCabe became the Acting FBI Director. McCabe’s wife is a Democratic Party politician. So when Trump first met with McCabe, he asked McCabe whether or not he voted for him in the 2016 election, according to a new Washington Post report (link). This would have been extraordinarily inappropriate under any circumstances, but considering that Trump had just illegally fired McCabe’s boss, it makes the entire thing even more eye popping.

Trump ended up deciding not to appoint McCabe as permanent FBI Director. Instead Trump appointed Christopher Wray, a registered Republican. Trump has since gone on to publicly attack McCabe on Twitter, falsely accusing him of a number of imaginary crimes and conspiracies. Trump has also publicly threatened to take McCabe’s pension away. Now we know that Trump privately tried to get Wray to fire McCabe.

Donald Trump is so out of control, he’s now trying to destroy the careers of respected U.S. intelligence officials simply because they didn’t vote for him. Trump is also so stupid, he thought Christopher Wray would actually be willing to fire Andrew McCabe simply because Wray is a Republican and McCabe is a Democrat. Trump’s unprecedented and reckless lawbreaking is only rivaled by his unprecedented and reckless stupidity. That’s not a combination that lasts long.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report