Donald Trump just struck out again today

– Donald Trump tried to get embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attack Biden, but he refused to do it. Netanyahu knows he’ll likely be dealing with Biden in a few months anyway. It’s a reminder that when corrupt politicians like Trump and Netanyahu are circling the drain, they have absolutely no loyalty to each other – no matter how much they’ve passed themselves off as friends.

– Now that Trump has lost all the debates, does he still get a participation trophy? Oh wait, he failed to show up and participate in the second debate, so he doesn’t even get that.

– Tweet of the day, from Maya Harris: “I really, really, really want to elect the guy who has the plan to get this pandemic under control.”

– Tweet of the day #2, from MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross: “The president just said he doesn’t want to give #CovidRelief to democratic run states. Vote.”


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