Donald Trump’s strange silence

Over the past twenty-four hours Donald Trump has been condemned by Admiral McRaven, mocked by General Mattis, slammed by Mitt Romney, betrayed by Gordon Sondland, divorced by Rick Perry, and failed by Mick Mulvaney. If nothing else, that gave Trump plenty of source material to work with when he woke up today. So who ended up being the target of Trump’s rage this morning?

Well, no one. Donald Trump has said nothing thus far today. That is unless you count the surreal picture of Trump holding a Louis Vuitton handbag that appeared on his Twitter account this morning, almost surely posted by one of Trump’s handlers. Trump himself hasn’t made a peep thus far. When this happens, it generally ends up being a result of one of two things.

The first scenario is that Donald Trump has been stunned into silence by what all he’s been hit with over the past day or two. It’s possible that’s what’s going on here. Trump has a consistent track record of preferring to only take on one adversary at a time, so he can isolate that person and play up his or her (real or fictional) scandals and weaknesses. With this many people of all political and ideological stripes coming at Trump all at once, it’s not exactly his preferred playing field.

The other scenario is that Donald Trump knows something even worse for him is coming down the pike, and he’s afraid to say anything one way or the other. When run of the mill bad news is coming, Trump usually likes to create a distraction with nonsensical rants. But when really bad news is coming for him, he does tend to go quiet. Interpret Trump’s silence this morning however you like – but considering all that’s happening right now, it does stand out as being odd.

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