Someone get this guy a straitjacket

It’s official. Trump has truly lost his mind. Trump struggled his way through a speech to veterans in Louisville, Kentucky this week. He was allegedly there to speak about student loan forgiveness for veterans but quickly tore off into one of his rambling, nonsensical speeches about everything from Isis to Greenland.

Trump ripped into the Danish prime minister because of his own stupid faux pas as to who owns Greenland and his ridiculous assertion that the U.S. wanted to purchase the country. Then, he turned to threats of releasing ISIS militants on Europe, and of course, his usual attacks on media outlets. The crowd likely needed an interpreter to figure out what the hell Trump was talking about. Seriously, Donald Trump is either suffering from dementia or some other cognitive ailment. It appears that he can’t keep his mind on track for five minutes.

During his all-over-the-place speech, Trump referred to himself as the “Chosen One,” said that he can change the Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship, and talked about serving another fourteen years as president. Does this sound like a coherent person? At the same time, he displayed difficulty pronouncing words. The Independent wrote that he repeatedly struggled with the word “forces” and went on to mangle Douglas MacArthur’s name: “The members of our armed forcef [sic] I, and you understand that very well–the members of our armed forcer [sic] have always lived by the word of Douglas Magarth[sic]: ‘In war, there is no substitute for victory’.” Can someone please translate? I have absolutely no idea what he’s trying to say, and I doubt people listening in person understood any better.

Trump talks like a five or six-year-old in general. Not to insult anyone’s five or six-year-old, but he talks in circles. This speech, however, sounds even worse than “normal” (normal for Trump, not the rest of us). In another part of his “speech,” if you can call it that, Trump railed against the media. He rambled on for two to three sentences before he got to his point that the media goes out and finds the one person “who wasn’t treated perfectly” by the “medical system.” What on earth is he rambling about? Trump then called on “all 50 states to immediately waive all appliculble [sic] state taxes as well.” What?

He then goes on to praise a disabled veteran named Karen (whose name is really Katherine) with the following: “Despite these obselels [sic], Karen is now pursuing a degree at the University of Nevada.” Do you get my point? This is rambling at its worst. Trump then says he wanted to give himself the Medal of Honor. Sorry, Trump. That honor is reserved for people who actually served,}Someone get this guy a straitjacket not people who faked bone spurs to avoid serving.

Oh, to have been the proverbial fly on the wall. I’ll bet most of these veterans were scratching their heads, wondering what the hell Trump was talking about. At this point, virtually everyone is likely scratching heads and shrugging shoulders, other than the nuts that support him. They don’t care what he’s saying. They just enjoy him being a horse’s ass and insulting people. 439 more days….

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