Stormy Daniels gets into Twitter feud over Melania Trump

Everything has been going wrong this past week for Donald Trump that could possibly go wrong. The Russians have been indicted for conspiring to rig the election in his favor. His former campaign adviser Rick Gates just cut a plea deal. Jared Kushner is being firmly targeted for a plea deal. On top of it all, Trump’s marriage is in a total shambles due to his affair with an adult film actress, even as he faces possible criminal ramifications for having apparently paid her off with campaign funds to keep her quiet. Now it’s just gotten even worse.

Stormy Daniels decided that Trump’s lawyer has violated their nondisclosure agreement, and she’s preparing to sell the story of her affair with Trump to the highest bidder. But she’s not even waiting for that to happen before causing as much trouble for Trump as she can. That’s right, Daniels is now engaged in a vicious Twitter feud over Melania Trump.

Even more strangely, Daniels is feuding about Melania with a Trump supporter. Daniels posted a tweet promoting her upcoming tour. One of Trump’s supporters named Dawn Comfort tweeted something derogative in response. Daniels responded by tweeting “Thanks for the attention.” This prompted Comfort to retort with “I really don’t have a problem with you or how you make a dollar. What makes sick is ANYONE who hurts innocent people, like Barron & Melanie. If you had a fling have some CLASS & shut up cause you’ll be a bleep in history.” We’re assuming that “Melanie” is supposed to be “Melania” and that Donald Trump didn’t also have an affair with someone named Melanie.

Should you care about this kind of thing? Perhaps only in the sense that it serves to demonstrate just how ugly the Stormy Daniels scandal may end up getting for Donald Trump as it gets pushed further into the public forefront. If Daniels is already openly feuding with Trump supporters about Melania, and she hasn’t even sold her story yet, how far will Daniels go to make Donald’s life miserable as this goes on?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report