We told you Donald Trump was manipulating the stock market for someone’s personal gain

Back in August, Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump kept saying and doing things that had the effect of sending the stock market plummeting on one day, only for it to bounce back the next day. He’s announced tariffs that turned out not to exist, or he’d randomly attack the Fed Chair, or other moves that were just a little bit too on the nose.

We pointed out that while Donald Trump isn’t known to be a stock market investor in his own right, his curiously timed tweets were creating a prime opportunity for others to play the stock market accordingly. We asked if perhaps someone in Trump’s inner circle was goading him into posting these kinds of tweets on certain days and times, so that person could cash in. Well, it looks like someone may have been doing precisely that.

Vanity Fair has managed to identify several large-volume stock market transactions that just happened to be timed perfectly with Donald Trump’s economic shenanigans, meaning that either someone out there has the most uncanny sense of timing in history, or the transactions in question were made with inside knowledge of what the Trump regime was about to do.

This kind of insider trading – if that’s indeed what’s going on here – is highly illegal. This could end up being yet another instance of Donald Trump getting one of his buddies sent to prison, as this kind of scheming only works if you don’t get caught, and someone definitely just got caught.

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