Steve Scalise crashes and burns

I am so bloody tired of the never-ending cowardice of sycophantic Republicans. They never stop. They’re like little babies who never grew the f### up, terrified, frantic to please their artificial God, the insurrectionist asshole.

If I sound a bit pissed today, it’s because I am. I am sick of the majority of the American people having more courage in one finger than these Republicans do in their whole bodies. WHAT are they so afraid of? That they might get a Primary challenger? Is that such a a nightmare for them?

The answer to that question is yes. It is a nightmare to them. Many of these cowards wouldn’t know what in the world to DO with themselves if not for the power to bullshit the American public. It’s sort of their calling, I suppose.

And this week’s “coward of the week” is Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise. Scalise needs to take a class. This class would be entitled “how to answer a question honestly and rationally.” Because after what happened with Chris Wallace this weekend, I am convinced that this guy needs an intervention.

Scalise was talking to Fox Pundit Chris Wallace.

Wallace: “Do you think the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump?”

No straight answer.

“The states all certified,” Wallace said.

“Do you think the election was stolen?” (again.)

No answer.

“Do you think the election was stolen or not?”

No answer.

Can you do me a favor, Palmer Report readers? If you are on Twitter — why not tweet Scalise and ask him the same question?


Not that he will ever answer, but — he needs to understand how pitiful and ridiculous he came off on the show. He also needs to find some of that courage mentioned above. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that.

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