Steve Mnuchin goes for one last evil cash grab

Steve Mnuchin has pretty much spent his time as Treasury Secretary abusing his position for the financially corrupt benefit of him and Donald Trump. Mnuchin has also committed felony obstruction of justice by defying a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns. So it’s no surprise that Mnuchin is trying to steer nearly half a billion dollars in pandemic relief funds into a place where the Biden administration can’t use it for pandemic relief.

How precisely does this allow Mnuchin to steer the money into his pocket, or Trump’s pocket, or his wealthy friends’ pockets? We’re not quite sure. But it’s a given that this is the plan, because it’s all Mnuchin and Trump have ever done. Mnuchin must be expecting Trump to pardon him, because Mnuchin already punched his ticket to federal prison with these antics awhile ago.

The good news here, so to speak, is that throughout the Trump era, these kinds of corrupt antics have generally only succeeded when no one caught onto them in time. The fact that Mnuchin’s evil plan has been outed, and is being widely railed against by the general public tonight, is a good sign. Mnuchin doesn’t simply have a magic wand on these things. He may end up having to back down on this one, as the pressure mounts.

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