Donald Trump’s stooge Steve Mnuchin goes completely off the rails

After Donald Trump made a fool of himself on Sean Hannity in what was supposed to be a flattering interview meant to prop him up for his base, I said that a time was approaching when even his allies’ attempts to help him would only make things worse. Sure enough, we may be seeing that now, as Steven Mnuchin thought he would cover for his boss’ criminally inept response to the pandemic by claiming that while Donald Trump appeared to be playing a full round of golf – his 283rd trip to a golf course in his presidency – he was in fact working hard on virus relief.

There are a few obvious problems here – such as the fact that Trump and the Senate GOP caucus have done a disastrous job with negotiating for further virus relief, a situation made more complicated by Mitch McConnell encouraging Senate Republicans up for re-election to distance themselves from Donald Trump if necessary, who still hasn’t fully torn himself away from the preposterous notion that somehow this virus will disappear and the economy will magically recover when things reopen.

The other problem is that Mnuchin doesn’t seem to understand how one lie is always more convincing than two. Back in June, when Trump retweeted an openly racist video with one of his supporters chanting: “White power!” the White House’s official stance was that the video stayed up for three whole hours because Donald Trump was busy playing golf and couldn’t be reached for his consent to take the video down.

Now, all of a sudden, Trump is fully available to talk whenever Mnuchin wants. Both statements can’t be true. What we’ve suspected to be true for a long time, however, is that Donald Trump is willing to stand idly by, encouraging the most vile of his supporters as terrible things happen to the country – this is why it is imperative to vote him out on November 3.

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