Steve Bannon’s life is about to get destroyed on two fronts

Given prior reporting earlier this year that the Manhattan DA is pursuing him on various criminal charges, Steve Bannon now faces the nearly impossible situation that no criminal ever wants to face: being prosecuted on both the federal and state level.

It doesn’t just double the odds of convictions. It also puts you in an almost impossible situation. Imagine the chaos of trying to fend off criminal prosecution. Now imagine trying to fend off two different prosecutions at once. Which one do you prioritize? What if your best defense strategy in one case just ends up incriminating you in the other case? It’s like trying to thread two needles, on opposite sides of the room, at the same time.

Bannon is no pushover. But he tends to be massively overconfident, to the extent of being self sabotaging. His arrogance has already cost him his website, his wealthiest benefactor, his Trump White House job, and gotten him arrested once before. This time he can’t rely on a Trump pardon.


Steve Bannon’s life is already in tatters. Now he’s going to be criminally prosecuted in multiple jurisdictions, and he’s unlikely to find a way to slither out of both of them. Bannon, a career criminal, white supremacist, and domestic terrorist, had it coming. Now it’s about to get a whole lot worse for him.

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