Steve Bannon probably just got his bail revoked

With Donald Trump on the verge of losing reelection, it’s easy to forget that his former henchman Steve Bannon is currently out on bail on felony charges and awaiting criminal trial. Based on what’s just transpired, we suspect Bannon’s bail is getting revoked.

In an incredibly unhinged new interview, Steve Bannon just said that he wants Dr. Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray to be beheaded:

This is a big deal, because Bannon just called for the murder of two federal officials, in what would be an act of domestic terrorism. It’s even worse for Bannon when you consider that Director Wray is one of the leaders of the criminal case that’s pending against Bannon. It’s easy to make the argument that Bannon is making violent threats in an attempt at avoiding prosecution, similar to threatening the safety of a judge or a juror. It’s easily grounds for the judge in Bannon’s case revoking his bail. We’ll see what happens.

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