Steve Bannon hits the panic button as Donald Trump circles the drain

Not only is Donald Trump losing the election by double digits, he’s now spending his campaign rallies insulting his political allies and threatening to leave the country instead of trying to find a way to win. That’s got to be terrifying for his troubled henchmen who have been relying on Trump to protect them as president.

That brings us to Steve Bannon, who was recently arrested on fraud charges and is currently out on bail awaiting criminal trial. This morning Bannon tweeted this: “You’re going to be buried in an avalanche of corruption and how you’ve sold out US. Biden family have stolen money from the Chinese people to enrich themselves.”

That’s cute, but Bannon is offering no evidence to support these silly claims. And in fact it was Bannon who was aboard a Chinese national’s yacht when he was arrested. So what is Bannon even doing right now? It seems fairly simple: Bannon is headed to prison, and if Trump loses, he won’t be able to meddle with the DOJ to keep Trump out of prison.

Steve Bannon’s only remaining hope is that Trump pardons him on his way out of office, and so Bannon is now kissing up to Trump as much as possible. Bannon is panicking, and for good reason. The Trump gravy train has been derailing for awhile now, and now it’s in danger of going off a cliff. Let’s make sure we turn out and vote in huge numbers, so Trump’s henchmen all end up behind bars.

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